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RINGEN SEO & Digital Marketing is a family owned and operated company located out of Jackson County Michigan. Click the button below to get acquainted with our team members!

Hiring the wrong SEO company is a great way to lose a lot of money. We put our clients needs above all, and get you the results you are looking for, no matter how big or small.


As a family owned and operated business, we put the quality of our client relationships first. Creating a valuable partnership with every local business we help one step at a time.


The team @ RINGEN SEO & Digital Marketing puts in extensive training hours to be sure we have the most up-to-date knowledge on the digital marketing world.

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Do you find yourself wondering why your competitors are always out ranking you on Google? Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions. We hope to clear things up a bit.

Let’s take a minute to talk about this. Have you ever looked up your own company name on Google? What did you see? If you are not currently going strong with SEO services, odds are the results were not exactly as you would have expected! The major blow was most likely when you saw your local competition outranking you for the same services, and you found yourself in deep confusion. Why is my competition beating me? Maybe you have been in business longer than your competition and you just cant quite wrap your head around the fact that this business – your competitor – who has only been in business a year is in a top position in the search. Do me a favor and hop onto Google, type in your companies name into the search bar and click enter. What did you find? Since it was a search with your own brand, you will more than likely find yourself on that first page, maybe even ranking decently well! How about your competitors, do you see them when you search your own name? Probably not, maybe a few…. Let’s talk about Keywords for a minute. Jump back into Google, and search “area of interest/business + location” this would look something like this “Plumbers Lansing MI”. Now see what pulls up.  Are you listed in one of the top 3 positions? Try this again with a few different deviations of the keyword or phrase. See what pops up. If you aren’t pulling up when these keywords are searched, then we have work to do. You might be wondering why its important for your company to pull up first. Why does this matter? Well, if you aren’t pulling up first than you’re losing business. This “thing” that seems irrelevant for you is costing you money. BIG MONEY. Google is super smart, and if they cant find out what your websites use is intended for, than customers wont be able to find you either. Reach out to us to talk more about SEO and how to out rank your competition 517-227-3500

Using social media as a business tool is recommended if you are looking to build your brand and get quick leads. It’s important to realize that not all businesses benefit the same way from social media marketing. When it comes to social media, having an excellent call to action is a must. You have to be able to stop people in their tracks, lets face it…most of us are always in a hurry.

If you don’t have a quality add that stands out and engages readers, then social media marketing wont work for you. Not all businesses can come up with a good enough call to action to really get these benefits.

Social media has a huge audience, and if you know how to use this tool the right way you will see results. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter, but things are always changes. New Social platforms come out, and keeping up with these in this ever changing day and age is a must.

Social media marketing campaigns are a great way to get in front of your target audience and have the ability to adjust it based on the budget and results you are looking for.

Talk to us to see if this is a good fit for you 517-227-3500

SEO is a fantastic choice for business owners looking to invest in a long-term solution to lead generation. With one of the best ROI's in the Digital Marketing world today, SEO can be incredibly rewarding given the right circumstances. The only reason SEO might not work for a company is if there is simply just no search volume in their specific area for their specific "niche" and the costs exceed the ROI. Or of course, if the Marketing Agency you are working with has absolutely no clue what they are doing. My advice to you? Be sure to do your research and put your business in the hands of a qualified Michigan SEO expert. After all, this is quite possibly one of your largest assets. You wouldn't trust it with just anybody, would you?

How fast does SEO work? This can be a tricky question to answer without diving crazy deep into the ins and outs of Google and how they crawl websites. I will do my best to make this brief and easy to understand without completely boring you. Here we go! To fully optimize a website for the best results, our agency dives deep into keyword research that's specific to your location and niche. Some keywords are more difficult to rank (or be found for) than others, this is determined after we have had an opportunity to complete our research. Depending on the level of difficulty for the keywords needed to bring you the most return, we will then take into account the time needed to rank for these words, and the cost associated to get you to your goals. Time and money are going to determine how quickly SEO works. Competition is another big factor. We need to be able to match you to your competition and depending on how hard your competitors are going at SEO will also help us come up with a plan on timing your results. Lets sum this up, typically we see results from 3-6 months, sometimes as soon as 30 days or less, and sometimes longer. The way google reads websites, and the power associated with them is constantly changing, hook up with an experienced SEO pro and stick to taking care of what matters most to you and your business -Taking care of your customers. We promise to offer the best SEO services Michigan has to offer. Give us a call today so we can do the digging we need to quote you on a timeline and cost to super charge your business!

Links.....are....like onions! Joking, of course. I wish it was that easy. Links are pretty complex, and unless you are trained and have the tools needed to be sure you are using high-quality, authoritative, trustworthy links to your website, id be hesitant to go at it alone. Links go by many different names, such as Backlinks, Link Juice, Guest posts, Blog posts, PBNs, Citations, and so on. Knowing which of these will benefit your site the most will save you countless hours of unnecessary link building, not to mention the money you'll save by consulting with an experienced company. Many amateur SEO companies in Michigan will simply plop a handful of less than wonderful links to your site and walk away. Sit around and hope a miracle happens. Well....I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...there will be no such miracle. Don't waste your time throwing away your hard-earned money, month by month on lazy SEO companies who don't take the time upfront to get to know your business needs. Have questions or want to get started on your business plan? Get in touch with our team of experts and let's see if we are the right fit for you!

This can be a pretty confusing answer to most, because there really is no definite answer. How quickly Google updates their results depends on many different factors. One being the age of the domain being used, another being the quality of the optimization within the site. Google crawls websites frequently and picks up keywords and key phrases within the content and code within the site. One major aspect that will impact how quickly you can be found at the top of Google search is the quality of your backlinks. Hire a Michigan SEO company who knows their stuff, and doesn't skimp out on the little things...because they matter!

Both Google and Facebook ads can be a great way to bring on immediate results when the right Michigan SEO company is hired. There's nothing simple about running and managing ads, a lot more goes into it than you'd think! Google ads is a great way for service based industries to grab the attention of customers in immediate need of services, it can be a bit more costly but typically these customers are desperate for help. Facebook on the other hand, requires a bit more. Drawing the attention of the person while scrolling through facebook is a must, and that's not always easy to do without having a solid offer on the table to spike their attention.

Keywords should be intent specific. Would you search in this word or phrase when looking for your own services? Our quality Michigan SEO services are driven to fit the needs of our client. Who are you? Where are you located? What do you offer and what are your goals? These are questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide which keywords are the best to use.

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